August Release – 1.7238



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64 bit Fibix Editor & Fibix Player 

  • Strongly enhances the possibilites of visualisations & virtual worlds in Fibix
  • Completely working & stable
  • Fibix Player will be avaible for download in 64bit also, but usually, people does have only 32bit browsers and it’s confusing


2D GUI Editor & GUI System

  • Design User interface for you presentation, give it life via interactions – no scripting, just few clicks!
  • Comletely new 2D Mode for fibix presentations UI
  • SceneTree
  • Integrated to main panel
  • Basic UI components
  • Relative resolution mode to keep UI working in all resolutions


Editor improvements

  • Animated postprocesses
  • Improved transform gizmo, translation, rotation, scale isolated
  • Relative Snap To Grid for rotation, translation & scale
  • Improved multiselection transform
  • Create panel now supports different layouts for each editor mode
  • New font with outline
  • Video area rendering
  • Simplified control of performance settings
  • Possibility of merging scenes into one scene

  • Loading of Fibix presentations back to Fibix Editor (just as viewer)
  • FBZ export is asynchronous with progressBar

  • Shader cache is packed with presentation
  • Progress bar for player presentation downloading

  • Sound attenuation
  • Rendering of sound volumes


Editor decal painter improvements

  • Decal layers
  • Material & layer can be configured in planter mode properties

  • Random rotation & scale



  • Memory optimizations for Fibix Player
  • Shader cache size is minimized
  • Undo speed up



  • Added cinematics rendering mode (higher quality of rendering) for screenshots & videos
  • Horizon based Ambient occlusion (HBAO) – for High Detail quality configurations and cinematics rendering
  • God Rays lighting effects for every light source, improved, optimized
  • Chromatic Aberration postprocess effect
  • Deferred decals working on planar reflections
  • Improved fog – now volumetric with variable height

  • Postprocesses behaves the same in all resolutions (differences between screenshots & viewport due to different resolutions)


Hardcore bugfixing

  • Dozens of bugfixes


And many many more…


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