New Fibix Editor Now Live – 1.4883


Fibix Editor 1.4883 has come along with a ton of new features. You can download it here: Fibix Editor 1.4883


+ ContentBrowser:

  • keeps complete project resources overview & control (materials, textures, meshes, things from database)
  • preview to all resources
  • hierarchical structure
  • combines virtual folders from project with physical folders from database, users have everything altogether in one place
  • context menus for simple control over all resources (rename, move, delete, possibility to export everything to database)
  • it’s just all in one simple window and part of Fibix Editor for free

+ Improved material setup, simple control over used textures in advanced mode
+ Improved scene Tree context menus , the same possibilities as in content browser
+ Improved decals painting, they can be easily painted on everything

+ Terrain:

  • new simple UI for material brush paint control
  • possibility to combine more textures in terrain
  • smooth function
  • flatten function
  • material auto update based on brush setup (default off)

+ Import

  • added vertex color import for FBX format
  • added possibility to customize world axes when importing models (every modeler has different space, so this way, you can simply setup for what you use)
  • added geometry -> billboard switch – can be very suitable for vegation (trees, grass) rendering , we automatically convert your geometry to billboards


+ Particles
+ Billboarding
+ Improved volumetric rendering ( smoke, fog, aerosols )
+ Geometry Independent Planar Reflections
+ Local Water Surfaces with real physical waves accelerated by GPU
+ Simple ocean
+ Independent Material Blending on Height Map ( up to 4 material layers on one place )
+ Optimized rendering of cached environmental reflections

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