Fibix visualisations



As you may know, we offer service of real-time interactive visualisations which fit into your ideas and requirements. Offering this service in past years to our clients we had opportunity to create many types and sizes of visualisations. From small rooms, family houses, through residential housing complexes to industrial buildings such as storehouse or large factory complexes. We have made a short director’s cut for better presentation how we can help visualise your project.

The most of these projects were created as presentations of projected non-existing buildings, in order to help the buyer to imagine real possibilities of the property. Some of them were presentations of real properties which were intended for sale with furniture so it was necessary to visualise their real layout. Have a look at pictures below to see how we fulfilled that task.



If you would like to see some screenshots from work on these projects, you can find them on our forum in Fibix Visualisations section, e.g. Loft apartment, Modern home or Heukelumseweg house.

If you would like to have your own property in interactive visualisation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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