Interview with architect, Michaela Šťastná


We got a great opportunity to interview a student of architecture with real sense for the art. Come with us and find out more about Michaela Šťastná.

Hi Michaela and thank you for accepting this interview. Can you introduce yourself a little bit?

Hello, my name is Michaela Šťastná. I graduated from the High School of Arts and Crafts in Brno. I attend the University of Fine Arts in Prague, Faculty of Architecture for three years now. I have been pursuing the way of the art from my childhood. This interest has never left me.

What about your school projects on which you worked?

Our atelier focuses on research in the area of interdepartmental issues and simultaneously searching for the limits of architecture and simplicity of thinking. You can find interesting smaller projects in my portfolio such as lighting structures or larger urban solutions.

Where did you first hear about Fibix Studio?

When I was finding the greatest solution for my school and competitive projects. So from the beginning of this academic year.

How much Fibix Editor influenced your pipeline?

I see a big opportunity how to put a real spirit to my present creation. Fibix Editor offers different outputs than other tools on todays market. It is incredibly fast, no waiting like with offline render.

What do you think are the best strenghts and features of Fibix Editor?

As I mentioned, the biggest potential lies in it’s real-time rendering process. In every second I see results. Right after model is imported I see results. I don’t have to wait for a long hours for my final picture.

Do you plan any interesting project these days?

I work on interesting school project these days. This project undertakes resolution or a fall-back for people that live on the edge of society. At the moment this project is in the concept phase.

Do you have any advice for artists and architects looking to work with Fibix Editor?

If you want to see and present your concept or final creation in the real time, Fibix Editor is the best choice. You can also create an animation very simply, e.g. walkthrough of your house.

Well it has been a pleasure to speak to you and to hear about all those great experiences with Fibix Editor. Thank you for finding time to speak to us.

I thank you :)

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