January release



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  • new logo
  • new beautiful splash screen
  • new lens flare presets
  • Pause button for simulation control
  • dozens of UI updates, sort of elements
  • moving a lot of properties to the higher user control levels so beginners won’t loose in it
  • added new Render menu bar with rendering methods & precomputed lighting
  • new render window resize, which does frame buffer resize only when resize is done, this overcomes driver issues
  • active camera is saved to scene (FBS) file and when scene is loaded, this camera is used
  • only fbs files can be used for openSceneDialog
  • minSmoothCosine param was changed to smoothAngle as one is used to have it in other tools
  • now drag drop is not affected by selection in ContentBrowser – drag dropping textures to materials is sure thing
  • Runtime Model import params change (smoothAngle, flipping of axes, scale, tangent space, etc.)
  • hierarchical interactions – hierarchical interactivity group nodes for better orientation & organization of Interactions
  • distance measurement tool
  • custom logo & show logo are part of presentation config
  • measure tool can be enabled /disabled in PresentationConfig
  • walk settings are part of presentation config
  • fixed texture filters
  • fixed preview of materials with planar reflections
  • fixed merge scene
  • when newScene is applied, liveRecording is turned off
  • fixed custom logo assignment after reload
  • optimizeModels for scene export respects model import params
  • synchronization of UserControlLevel icon on main toolbar panel
  • fixed local volume of sound object
  • model preview has materials as they are after first import



  • Interactivity system can change active camera used for presentation mode
  • Interactivity system can switch between fly/walkthrough
  • Interactivity system can disable position/rotation of camera
  • switching to presentation mode changes camera to the camera defined inside presentation config / switching it back returns to editor active camera
  • SetValue event
  • 2D objects has higher priority for clicking than 3D objects, when you click on 2D object, 3D object event is not taken into account




  • multiple viewports support
  • oculus rift rendering support
  • spot light soft shadows approximation – control over number of samples


  • ScreenSpaceReflections with raymarching depth texture
  • EnvMapReflections with raymarching depth texture
  • high quality PSSM Shadows now accessible for it’s usage in “offline-like” rendering mode for high quality movies
  • simple object wind-bending based on vertexColors
  • DOF auto adaptation with hysteresis with user definable speed
  • detailLevel scales final static envMapRendering sizes
  • increased default depth range
  • control over depth range in shadow settings
  • fixed rendering artefacts with normalBuffer when environment was disabled in SceneProperties


Skeletal Animations

characters2_small   … Finally …

  • complete smooth import of skeletal animations with skinned mesh from FBX
  • rendering of skinned meshes (up to 256 bones per object, up to 8 bones per weight)
  • skeleton definition
  • animations of skeletons
  • complete collision system for skeletons via CPU skinning
  • multithreaded optimizations for animations update & calculation of skinning matrices & aabb’s for rendering
  • 1000 characters with 50 bones was really not a problem for Fibix right now, further possibilities for improvements are still opened and will be done




  • DrawLightProbeSets (None, Selected, Visible) controllable in viewport
  • Asynchronous lightProbeSets rendering with progress bar, preview & time estimates


Fibix lightmapper


  • one click in-house lightmapper solution for complex scenes
  • direct lighting is GPU based and is 100% consistent with our renderer, respects: ambient, emissivity, direct light sources, environment, etc.
  • supported modes: AO, Indirect and we are further working on the next modes
  • supported utilities: unwrap checker pattern, world normals, triangle groups, etc.
  • UV unwrap generator for objects
  • asynchronous lightmapper with progress bar and time estimation
  • lightmaps with custom per object setup: resolution, texel border, systemID, lightmap intensity
  • only objects with INDIRECT LIGHTING MODE set to Lightmaps will be rendered when lightMap rendering is trigered



  • simplified & improved definition for water waves, now completely via material
  • removing rendering artefacts on the ocean at the horizon




  • terrain now finally working with LOD system using geoMipmapping , giving users possibility to create really large terrains
  • 4×4 km terrain is now as default for Fibix startup
  • terrain generator based on fractal diamond algorithm

Added new terrain tools panel including:

  • terrain smooth
  • terrain generation
  • terrain save height map
  • terrain load height map
  • update materials
  • deleteSelectedBrushes tool menu
  • new context menu for each brush
  • auto update feature for material brushes based on height and slope
  • height of terrain is scalable simply by changing height & offset
  • height of terrain is clamped from min, to max
  • decal orientation is not affected by intersection normal, it’s Y axis

Simplified setup for terrain:

  • terrain needs to be square based, equal size in both dimensions
  • uv tiling is also squared based, only one tiling param necessary
  • Heightmap Dynamic Ambient Occlusion working on GPU , updated when painting terrain – highly optimized, very large areas can be painted dynamically without visible framerate drop
  • terrain system doesn’t use SSAO anymore, it was only edge detection, no, thank you :)
  • fixed painting terrain update issues in specific cases
  • fixed various material & brushes synchronization issues




  • new version of InnoInstaller
  • run Fibix Editor after install
  • Data folder is now located in Documents (my documents)
  • 32bit & 64bit versions both running together, finally
  • ProgramFiles / ProgramFiles(x86) for 64/32 bit versions are working properly
  • skinning for installer
  • Fibix theme
  • added .NET installer into Fibix Editor installer – for those, who really doesn’t have .Net installed … :(O
  • Fibix Editor works from any installed folder – such a shame!!


Engine Internal

  • Cross platform shader system
  • Now running GLSL instead of CG in OpenGL renderer
  • Shader system is completely data driven
  • Firebird Engine is now 99% driven by introspection
  • moving to the latest FBX 2014 library, it was properly tested an hopefully it won’t break anything


Editor Framework Internal

Completely new dynamic data-driven UI:

  • user can customize
  • order of each property can be changed
  • minimum, maximum and slider options can be setup on number properties
  • categories can be specified
  • everything via “Enable UI runtime edit” property in settings


Editor UI

  • Hierarchical TabStrip Menu bar
  • Each editor mode can register it’s own subEditorModes with UI icons
  • Walkthrough / Fly editor modes are now part of Presentation mode
  • stable sort order for UI properties


Firebird UI

  • Hover texture for buttons

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