Loft apartment preview



Hi, it’s a few weeks from our last news update, because we are working on many things at once. So, today I would like to show you one of these projects – Loft apartment. The main idea of this project is quite simple – create nice and bright modern apartment. After a few days of work and after the first rendered lightmaps we fall in love with this project, so we would like to share our love with you. :) Probably it will be new presentation scene of Fibix Editor, after completing this project (it will replace Bedroom Xaver and Living room Xantypa).

So, let’s look closer on that! Please let me note that it’s still WIP.

Whole building is one big open space, so we can expect fantastic effects with light, shadows and color bleeding. We would like to achieve huge amount of small details and high quality materials. Moreover you can find many objects with interactions such as iPad, cooktop or lamps. There’s supposed to be a night version too.

If you would like to see more screenshots from creation of this project, you can find them on our forum.




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