Material library update


We have updated our material library. Now it offers 133 different materials to you.

You can download it for free: Here.



Installation is very simple. Extract the distribution file into your database folder in Data path (C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Fibix\Fibix Editor 3\data\database\databaseMaterials by default). Library is loaded after next start of Fibix Editor and you can find these materials in Content Browser in folder Database. To use these materials just drag and drop it into your object.


Database contains

Bricks 11 materials
Cloth 16 materals
Decals 22 materials
Glass 3 materials
Ground 14 materials
Metal 14 materials
Misc 7 materials
Terrain 11 materials
Tile 8 materials
Water 3 materials
Wood 24 materials

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