Modern Bathroom



Long time no see folks! This year was really intense in terms of all the projects we’ve been working on, which almost blocked us from showing something to the public. There were some really beautiful scenes created, but we unfortunately couldn’t show any of these to the public due to license agreements :( On the other hand, thanks to those projects, we’re still here and we can further continue on our realtime archviz journey!

Many things have changed throughout the last two years on the market, realtime archviz is slowly becoming a hot architecture selling tool and we are definitely a big part of it, considering ourselves “realtime archviz pioneers”. :) Technology evolved significantly and we, as both a design service and technological company, clearly want to keep up with the cutting edge realtime rendering on the market.

Newly presented video from a modern bathroom demonstrates our state-of-the-art realtime rendering but at the same time shows the ongoing quality of our service – this is the high standard we keep for any kind of visualisation and a close connection with our in-house tech gives us the expected effectivity necessary in our daily work with all clients. We would like to be consistent and show you more of our high quality work on a regular basis. Hopefully you’ll be a part of it – we are and always were open to any kind of criticism. That’s what helps us move forward and keep the creative passion alive.

Thanks for staying with us and stay tuned!

Your Fibix Team

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