New FIBIX May Release – 1.6543


Fibix Player

  • Our standalone presentation Fibix Player was reincarnated and significantly improved
  • Fibix Player runs now as web plugin in all the available browsers ( Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, IE, Safari, … )
  • You can run multiple instances in different windows with unique presentations in one browser with all the features of standalone Fibix Player
  • You can create your interactive presentation in Fibix Editor and easily publish on the Web with few more additional clicks


Fibix Editor

  • Help screen
  • Preset System
  • PostProcess presets
  • LensFlares presets
  • Lot of new context menus with various utils
  • File Monitor
  • When texture file used in scene changes, it will be automatically reloaded
  • When shader changes, it will be automatically reloaded
  • Tons of bugfixes


LightMaps – Beta – development in progress

  • Unwrap generator
  • LightMap Renderer
  • AmbientOcclusion multithreaded rendering
  • IndirectLighting GPU based rendering
  • One click solution for lightmaps scene rendering


Presentation Tools

  • Added one click solution for final scene presentation
  • Optimize meshes – converts all the meshes to Fibix mesh internal format for the final presentation
  • Optimize textures – possibility to convert to compression formats and decrease number of used mipmaps
  • Removing empty non used textures / meshes
  • Added texture optimization utils to content browser (mipmaps, DXT compression, save to different format, etc. )



  • Textures streaming
  • Models streaming
  • Asynchronous shader builds
  • Runtime shader editing




  • God Rays
  • Radial blur



  • Custom reflection sources can be prerendered and stored into texture cube map files
  • Custom reflection sources can also be setup as “static” and rendered once in the high quality in presentation startup – recaching realistic reflections on weaker computers



  • Deferred decal layers: possibility to project decal only on the specific objects
  • Deferred decals can run any material with any rendering setup without restrictions
  • Alpha – keyed Shadows for transparent objects with texture – only transparency
  • Simple fake translucency model
  • Glare projection textures
  • Lens Flares rendering



  • Fibix renderer was accelerated by 30 – 50 % on CPU
  • Multithreaded visibility queries
  • Constant buffers caching
  • Low level device rendering optimizations
  • Dozens of bugfixes on all levels
  • And many many more!!!

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