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When I discovered Fibix Studio in 2015, it was at a time when I was inundated with loads of work. Among all my workload, there was a commission that required a fresh, different approach and tools we don’t usually use. After a brief research I came across Fibix and found out they offer customized projects. I admit that at first I wasn’t the ideal client. You know how it is – I needed it as soon as possible – ‘yesterday was already too late’. We made several projects for clients with the help of Fibix Studio. Both we and the clients were very much pleased with the work of Fibix. The collaboration with Fibix has opened doors for new opportunities and projects on which we are going to work together with Fibix again in the near future.

Matúš Nedecký
CEO & Art Director

Brick House

We architect and build houses in way our customers request but it is hard to imagine it for them. Pictures are helpful but does not describe house layout well. Thanks to Fibix Studio team and their real-time visualisations our customer can easily walk through their future house on their own and immediately see how it will look like.

Martin Šilhavý
executive director
Global R-estate community

GREC Visuals

Fibix studio and GREC Visuals is a partnership, where Fibix makes visualizations to support the sales process of international real estate projects of GREC Visuals.

Together we make it possible to virtually visit the property. Based on the original drawnings of the property, we give you a real time impression of the property. International real estate which can be visited from your lazy chair and without having to make high travel costs in the orientation process. If you have tried everything with selling your real estate and you want to broaden your market to foreign buyers, we bring you the good solution to reach this targetgroup.

Sjoerd Schepman
CEO & Founder


Our vision at realPad is bringing excellent visualization experience to buyers of new homes. Fibix had been a tremendous help achieving this goal. Unique service and excellent communication with the team provided us with the competitive advantage and became one of the most interesting services in our portfolio.

Marian Skvarek
CEO realPad – partner of Fibix

Fibix 3D Engine

Motor Dead

We pioneered using Fibix for game development and we were really surprised by how quickly we developed the prototype. Fibix had almost every feature we needed out of the box, except for specialized, racing-game needs. We created a Fibix Editor plugin for level-design purposes in an extremely short time thanks to the modularity of the Fibix technology.

Simon Sotak
Project Manager
Motor Dead