Fibix Editor®: Realtime rendering tool

What exactly is Fibix Editor?

Fibix Editor is great option how to quickly and efficiently create 3D visualization. It is a tool especially for architects, designers, urban planners, estate developers and 3D artists. You can create still renderings, video animations and interactive presentations. Fibix Editor lowerize time required for scene assembling, material setup, lighting and rendering.



Fibix offers high performance lighting due to the usage of deferred lighting. You can use hundreds of lights and you will still receive an interactive framerate. We offer four basic types of lights: point, spot, dir and global sun lighting. Our renderer provides smooth shadows, volumetric effects, projection textures, lens effects and much more.

Animations & Interactions

Very easy and fast usage of animations and interactions is one of our main goals for realtime interactive rendering. Create your animation of opening doors with just a few clicks, make it interactive without any complicated scripting, again, with just a few clicks. You can also add sounds and much more. The system is simple and easy to understand.



We tried to prepare a uniform material solution, somewhere between offline renders  and commonly used realtime solutions. You don’t need to care about any shaders, you can easily setup material behaviour, combine textures, additionaly enabling some special effects like parallax mapping. Our materials are used in a generic way, you can use the same materials for scene objects, decals, terrain without any limitations. We also have deferred blending of multiple materials on one object.


Although reflections are one of the biggest issues when using rasterization, we are coming to our users with two very interesting techniques of how to render reflections in realtime.

We offer a geometry independent planar reflections technique, suitable for bigger planar surfaces. A user doesn’t need to follow any specific rules, he just has to switch to planar reflections and get them whenever he wants, in realtime! Forget about any finetunning of geometry, specifically assigning proper reflection plane direction, it’s automatic and limited only by your HW.

For curved objects and whenever planar reflections are too heavyweight, there are environmental reflections. You can control your env reflections through reflection sources. You can also assign your own evironmental maps or let fibix prerender any reflection point to texture and then save it. Overall, this system is dynamic and you can easily insert a reflection source into a specific scene and then you don’t need to care about anything else:)



There are a couple of postprocesses that you can use in your scene. For example: vignette, depth of field, bloom effect, HDR tone mapping etc. Each camera has its own postprocesses settings through specific presets. You can also create your own presets and easily switch between them for comfortable usage.


After all the work, what is important is the output from our program. There are many ways how you can present yourself through Fibix.

Firstly, there are screenshots, high detail, antialiased, with pseudo offline rendering techniques to improve the final quality compared to realtime rendering.

Then we offer rendering of image sequence, so you can easily render videos  in a couple of minutes.

There’s  also Fibix player, which serves as a presentation platform for your clients. Fibix can output a scene as one file. You can send it to your clients and they can make an interactive walkthrough in Fibix Player. Our Fibix Player runs also as a plugin in all available web browsers so that people can visit your presentation in realtime directly on a webpage.



We  have a lot of other things that you can use to fine-tune your scenes. Worth mentioning are deferred decals, which can save hours of your modelling time. You can easily improve the scene by planting those decals and adding a lot of natural details (cracks in walls, puddles, various grass effects).  Deferred decals can use any material, without limitations commonly known from other 3D realtime programs.  We also have particle effects, water surfaces, a terrain editor, a database and a lot of other great things. It’s time to try out Fibix with all its features! You can see for yourself what is possible.