Fibix Player®: Presentation tool

What exactly is Fibix Player?

Fibix Player is a viewer of presentations made in Fibix Editor. It’s completely free and anyone can use it to watch both commercial and non-commercial presentations. The only thing that you need to do is to download and install Fibix Player. You can use it in two basic ways. Firstly, as a standalone application, which your clients can use to watch the presentations anywhere they want. The second way is a web plugin, running in all the browsers, as a part of your web site. You don’t need to be a genius in IT to use it. It’s like a simple 3D game where you can walk using a keyboard and a mouse.


Easy to use

Once you have Fibix Editor, you can do the presentation with just a few clicks. By exporting a scene in Fibix Editor, you’ll get one FBZ presentation file, which contains all the necessary resources of your presentation packed in a compact form, also with compression for easy distribution on the web. We made a lot of various optimizations in order for you to reach a high quality graphics even on your website. There’s also a progress bar in FibixPlayer so that a user is still in touch with the application even when it’s downloading the presentation.

Fibix Player in internet browser

If you or your company would be interested to put the presentation on the website, there is a small JAVA SCRIPT plugin code that you need to put on the website, to make it work. Nothing else is needed. You can see our presentations in both ways (stand-alone or web) in our Projects section.