Fibix Interactive Visualisations



What we offer?

Fibix Studio provides architectural visualisations, real-time rendering services and development. Due to our own technology, we offer more possibilities for visualisations, two of them completely new on the market and with big potential. Our vision is to provide you high quality 3D models, textures and final visualisations. Our technology is faster than offline rendering and comes with amazing advantages.

Here are four basic types of visualisations in our portfolio, but it’s good to say that we are always opened to new approaches:

  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Interactive 3D Walkthrough
  • Own control of the visualisation output for clients through our technology


  • Commonly used way how to impress the audience is through static pictures
  • It’s good when you don’t want to show everything, or you don’t have budget for the complex scene visualisation
  • The prize for each image is lower than common industry standard simply because we don’t spend so much time on rendering, we can effort to create much more images for you


  • Pictures cannot show all the beauty of space and dynamics of real world
  • That’s where the videos come to play, including camera movement, animations of lights, cars, characters, materials and so on…
  • Again, because of short rendering time costs, our prices for architectural videos in comparison to industry standard, are symbolic


  • Fibix real-time Interactive Visualisations is a new service on the market which gives its clients the possibility of real-time walkthrough

Contact us, we are prepared to visualize your dreams

Portfolio and pricing available upon request.

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