X-Mas release of Fibix Editor – 1.5282


New version of Fibix Editor is ready in our download section.


Advanced Material Shader Setup

  • Completely configurable material textures
  • A lot of new textures types
  • Various texture combination types
  • Every texture in material can have its own transform: shift, scale, speed and also UV channel type can be selected

Per Object Texture Lighting Modes

  • Indirect
  • Directional Indirect
  • Ambient Occlusion

LightProbes for Indirect lighting on Dynamic Objects

Post processes

  • Vignette
  • Noise
  • Distortion

Improved PSSM Sun Shadows

Morphing & Vertex Color Based Deformation Model


  • Reset transform
  • Vertex compression: it saved around 40 % of vertex data
  • Fixed FBX Import from 3ds Max – now it respects object offset transformation
  • Import of texture transformations from fbx (scale, rotation, offset)
  • New highly optimized import via low level cache – Fbx files now loads much much faster when inserted into scene and saved


  • New Fibix UI Skin
  • Scene and sun properties are now part of WORLD Properties window as new Tabs , complete control of world is possible from there
  • Sun in default is not physically part of scene and setup is done via angles (orientation panel)
  • Models are part of scene, they appear now in content browser with their own previews
  • Model drag drops from content browser to scene

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