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What we offer:

Modern Bathroom


Newly presented video from a modern bathroom demonstrates our state-of-the-art realtime rendering but at the same time shows the ongoing quality of our service…

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Loft apartment preview


Hi, it’s a few weeks from our last news update, because we are working on many things at once. So, today I would like to show you one of these projects – Loft apartment.

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Fibix Editor

Fibix Editor is the great option how to quickly and efficiently create 3D visualization. It is a comprehensive tool especially for architects, designers, urban planners, estate developers and 3D artists.

Fibix Visualisations

Fibix RealTime Interactive Visualisations is a new service on the market which gives its clients the possibility of real-time walkthrough.

We can express your ideas.

Fibix 3D Engine

Fibix 3D Engine is an advanced development tool designed for creating real time render solutions such as high fidelity visualisations, simulations or 3D interactive applications. Whether you are a Game Designer, R&D Manager or Senior Programmer you will find our tools to be the best option.

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Fibix Player

Use Fibix Player as a viewer for already created Fibix presentation. There is no limitation for Fibix player, it is fast, it is free and you can run it on your website or directly on your desktop.

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